lifted by grace

March 16, 2011

why should i be surprised?

when i left for africa to help my friend pat abbott start the"women of the proverbs" project, i knew three weeks was hardly enough time to explore uganda let alone to even begin to understand a culture completely foreign to most of the world. i assumed the language barrier would prevent me from building relationships beyond handshakes, however with pat as my proxy i figured i would at least be accepted within the villages near bundibugyo. so i was completely taken by surprise how quickly i was invited into homes, into lives and more than that, i was surprised to be invited into intimate conversations of hopes, of dreams, of sorrows, of struggles and of faith. there was no language barrier or cultural divide that kept us from worshipping together and singing our hearts out to our God.  i returned with new friendships and a desire to pray for uganda - that faith will grow so rich and deep that it will defy corruption, calamity and poverty. i experienced God doing his thing in my heart - why should I be surprised?
my new friend joyce preparing matoke
joyce's kitchen
chicken- as fresh as it gets